I was born & grew up in Brooklyn, Flatbush to be exact; first-born daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, & have two beautiful talented sisters, Flora & Ronda.  I was lucky enough to get a free education, and the opportunity to live my dreams of travel and adventure.  

Married in 1955 to Eli Wallitt, two sons, Evan & Steven, good men born 1960 and 1961, and four beautiful grand children: Rachel, Hayley, Nico & Mila.

I lived in Munich, Geneva, London, Paris, New York, Mexico, Hollywood, & Vallejo.  Brought up my children in Switzerland, and followed them to the USA where they decided to remain after graduating from college.

I traveled extensively and spent enough time in India and Indonesia to say I lived in those places too.  I’ve enjoyed many careers including wife, mother, writer, photographer, actress, music producer, hand-bag designer/manufacturer, and lately, political activist.

I met extraordinary people everywhere I went, made good friends and found teachers who inspired and guided me on the wonderful, incredible journey of my life.  The Macroneurotic moniker was given to me by Jay Landesman, a handsome brown-rice salesman I met in Paris, who was also a terrific dancer.  If I ever complete the second book of my memoirs you’ll know more about him.

After I left Europe, I returned to New York, where I fell in love with a handsome Honduran poet, and for his sake moved to Los Angeles, where I settled down for twenty-seven years – a lot longer than the poet stuck around.  I moved to Vallejo, a strange remote outpost, in the outskirts of the middle of nowhere in Northern California, to be near my youngest grand children.

I’m a poet, published in anthologies and other publications.  My photography was published and exhibited internationally, and my memoir, FLATBUSH PRINCESS, is available on Amazon.  A fair draft of Book Two lies at the bottom of my desk drawer, and at this moment I’m writing the third.

This image on the left…  it’s not me, but people who knew me agree it’s how I looked once upon a time.  I dressed like that, smoked, and behaved like you imagine the woman in the picture does.